The Google Analytics 4 Deadline is Coming

What You Should Have Done (in 2022) to Ensure Data Integrity:

  1. Set Up a Google Analytics 4 Property
  2. Compared Variances in Channels and Traffic vs. Google Analytics 3 (UA)
  3. Created a Purchase Event
  4. Added Referral Exclusions
  5. Started Building Parallel Reports
  6. Set Expectations Internally

Be Ready for Changes!

  • New features are coming rapidly. This includes the re-introduction of bounce rate, custom reports (although we hope for more control and improvement) and referral exclusions.
  • We are all keeping our fingers crossed for Custom Default Channel Groupings and more integrations with existing marketing and data platforms.

Common FAQs

What is Google Analytics 4?
It is Google’s new analytics platform.

Why is Google making this change?
To better manage privacy and modernize their analytics platform.

Will my GA3 data stop tracking?
Yes, you read that correctly. It will stop on July 1, 2023.

Will my GA3 data be lost?
Yes, although no firm deadline has been set, the expectation is Dec 31, 2023. We highly recommend making a visual screen recording and backing up the data in a data warehouse.

Can SkyDiamond help me?
Yes, SkyDiamond can help you with setting up and optimizing your Google Analytics 4 property, creating custom reports, and ensuring data integrity. Most importantly, we can make your GA4 dashboard look and feel like GA3. This has been the #1 thing that has relieved stress for our clients. Contact SkyDiamond for more information and assistance.

Jonathan Szedeli