“It is the ultimate luxury to combine
passion and contribution. It's also
a very clear path to happiness.”

Sheryl Sandberg


Our Leadership

Our select team of upper echelon digital talent is firmly centered around our
founding members. They share a common thread of passion that is contingent
upon elevating others to prosperity. High character, an insatiable work ethic
and an innate need to exceed expectations is their addiction. This is the duo
that makes all other e-commerce companies envious.

Habib Bakshi

Founder & CEO

The inspiration and growth visionary behind SkyDiamond Media.
He’s often recognized for his uncanny ability to identify & acquire
the rarest talent in digital marketing. The success of the Elite
partners & clients is driven by an assemblage of human capital
who operate at the highest degrees of integrity with deep
comradery amongst them all.

Meet the CEO

Jacob Hagberg

Chief Digital Officer

E-commerce marketing genius and amplifying guru.
Creates data driven strategies to optimize wins across all
verticals. Intuitively knows next steps and has the
confidence to execute them.

Our Vision

We aspire to grow our boutique firm through our pioneering spirit. Our unwavering expectations for ourselves pushes us forward in being the leader in Fashion, Luxury, Lifestyle and Enterprise Ecommerce.

We will master the vital challenges ahead, increase the profitability of our partners and continuously evolve as new innovations emerge.