“It is the ultimate luxury to combine
passion and contribution. It's also
a very clear path to happiness.”

Sheryl Sandberg


Our Leadership

Our select team of upper echelon digital talent is firmly centered around our
founding members. They share a common thread of passion that is contingent
upon elevating others to prosperity. High character, an insatiable work ethic
and an innate need to exceed expectations is their addiction. This is the duo
that makes all other e-commerce companies envious.

Habib Bakshi

Founder & CEO

The inspiration and growth visionary behind SkyDiamond Media.
He’s often recognized for his uncanny ability to identify & acquire
the rarest talent in digital marketing. The success of the Elite
partners & clients is driven by an assemblage of human capital
who operate at the highest degrees of integrity with deep
comradery amongst them all.

Meet Habib Bakshi

Jacob Hagberg

Chief Digital Officer

E-commerce marketing genius and amplifying guru.
Creates data driven strategies to optimize wins across all
verticals. Intuitively knows next steps and has the
confidence to execute them.

  • The pioneer and visionary of our organization and true growth extraordinaire. He is visceral in his approach to both business and life. Outside of his passion in business, his love affair with exclusive cars and racing are well documented....and he has the tickets to prove it.

    Habib Bakshi

    Founder / CEO

  • Lives for implementing digital strategies for our clients. His love of data may seem unnatural, but is much appreciated across our portfolio. When not juggling numbers, you can find him listening to his favorite podcast or challenging co-workers. Second place is never an option.

    Jacob Hagberg

    Chief Digital Officer

  • With 10 years of experience in agency operations, Shawn specializes in building & optimizing systems & workflows, financial planning, and interdepartmental communication. His expertise in agency operations management, coupled with his adaptability, have enabled him to accomplish diverse business objectives. He enjoys playing games and spending quality time with his wife and kids.

    Shawn Lemon

    President of Operations

  • Lives for building and scaling businesses. He's worked at 3 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies and most recently, digitally transformed an offline business. During his off hours he loves to spend time with his wife and son, preferably on a golf course.

    Robert Flournoy

    Digital Marketing Lead

  • Lovingly referred to as the organizational wordsmith, you can find him creating new catch phrases along with idealizing corporate commercials. Outside of work he is a fantasy football fanatic, movie quoting guru and wine connoisseur.

    Jonathan Szedeli

    Chief of Staff

  • SEO super freak who loves algorithms only slightly less than his wife, four kids and two dogs. When free time is available, you’ll find him reading up on the latest digital marketing news, playing video games or snowboarding.

    Brad Broekema

    Sr. SEO Analyst

Our Mission

Skydiamond is an experiential solution, not a service. We embrace the challenges of luxury fashion brands and evolve strategy to meet their goals while outpacing the growing demands of ecommerce. This elite division only dedicates the top echelon in digital talent. Our team members maintain the highest level of character, work ethic and unyielding integrity both professionally and personally. These values guide the fundamental principles in which we do business. We are emotionally invested in our partners and share their victories as our own.

No Secretaries. No Interns.
Just an honest Conversation with our CEO

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