SkyDiamond CEO Meets with Fashion Icon Tommy Hilfiger & Executive Team

February 7, 2020

SkyDiamond CEO Habib Bakshi fulfilled a lifelong dream this week by meeting fashion icon and global entrepreneur Tommy Hilfiger at his NYC offices. Alongside Tommy CEO Gary Sheinbaum and VP of Marketing and Communications Eric Lichtmess, the group discussed the need to evolve in the ever changing landscape of high fashion. Habib also had preliminary discussions regarding label expansion and digital ecommerce strategy for 2020. From not competing with irrelevant rivals to over-extending the brand, Tommy provided insights on lessons learned during his long-standing career.

Habib was inspired at a young age when he purchased his first Tommy Hilfiger jacket as a teen. Tommy’s story of perseverance in the face of adversity laid the framework for how SkyDiamond functions as a strategy house. It is this tenacity and influence within the fashion industry that helped shape Habib’s desire to work in the niche world of luxury fashion ecommerce.

“The clothes that we purchase elicits an emotional response that quite literally affects the way we carry ourselves and even alters our psyche.” Habib Bakshi stated. “It is this very sentiment that carries over to our shopping habits and shapes our intentions. Our goal as an organization is to shape and amplify a brand’s narrative in order to drive its digital success.”bartend

South By Southwest (SXSW) recently announced that Tommy Hilfiger would be a keynote speaker for the annual event in Austin, Texas in March. SkyDiamond Elite along with Tommy and other fashion execs are scheduling a meeting during this time to further their marketing agenda and evolve ecommerce strategy around prevailing opportunities in 2020.

Jonathan Szedeli

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