Elite Purpose

Most within our organization come from humble beginnings, while others share a more compelling journey. The common bond that intertwines us all is an innate desire to have a meaningful impact in our community. We're not just ecommerce amplifiers, we walk through life enhancing and amplifying the world we touch even when we're off the clock.

Our mission is to give back what has been so graciously given to us. Sometimes that is as simple as a job opportunity and at other times it is our team taking a weekend out to volunteer locally. While we do donate substantially to worthwhile non-profits nationally, our goal is to foster life-effecting change in the neighborhoods in which we reside.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill

Bridging the Gap

Alongside our personal goal of initiating local change, we encourage our client partners involvement by reinvesting in a charity of their choice. For every new agreement that we sign, we make a charitable donation on their behalf based upon that agreement. We want our client partners to take the time to think about a local charity that they are passionate about and create a lasting relationship within their community. This small measure allows our partners to think about that next step in involvement and creates an engaging and empathetic work culture.

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