How to Fix in Google Analytics

What happened
Shopify recently rolled out a new update that misattributes revenue to “” starting around 9/2.

What is the impact?
You may have noticed a drop in revenue attributed to different marketing channels in Google Analytics.

The effect is that total revenue reported is the same, but the traffic channels like Facebook Ads or Google Ads will have much lower sales attribution for those days.

This may negatively impact the accuracy of your Labor Day Sale attribution reports.

How do I know if my data is broken?
In Google Analytics you will noticed revenue being attributed to

shop app

How can I fix this?
SkyDiamond Elite can help you fix this problem as well as many common Shopify and Google Analytics tracking issues. We can also help you with goal tracking, conversion pixels, multi-channel marketing revenue attriubtion and customer lifetime value modeling.

Reach out below if you would like us to make this fix and audit your marketing infrastructure for free.


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